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Regular sessions

38 Degrees
Acupressure Massage (Seated)
Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element
Bed and Breakfast vegetarian
CoHousing Group
Community Start-Up
Counselling & Therapy
Cycle Insurance
Environmentally Friendly Printing
Ethical Breakdown Cover for Cars and Bicycles
Ethical Travel Insurance
Feeding Your Demons
Food is for people, not cars
Full Body Massage
Green Transport News
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Massage
Indian Head Massage
Lift share
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Massage Holistic Therapy
Massage Therapy
Norwich Credit Union
Norwich Peace Camp Forum
One World Column
permaculture design
Rooms for Hire
Rosen Method Bodywork
SKAN Bodywork
Somatic Movement Workshops
Studio Hire
Transition Norwich
Vegetable Harvest Shares
Workshop Venue
Yoga with Anya on Mondays
Sussex Street CoHousing Project

Norwich   Mon 1 Jan  - Mon 31 Dec 

New Year Programme starts at InnerSpace

Norwich   Mon 8 Jan  - Fri 9 Feb 

Apocalypses Now? Philosophy Lecture series

Norwich   Tue 9 Jan  - Tue 13 Mar 

NEW Beginners Ballroom Dancing

Norwich   Tue 9 Jan  - Tue 6 Feb 

Apocalypses Now? II

Norwich   Tue 23 Jan 

Greening of Cuba & Power of Community Films

Norwich   Wed 24 Jan 

Farmshare AGM

Norwich   Sun 28 Jan 

Vintage Sundays with Sasza

Norwich   Sun 28 Jan 

Apocalypses Now? III

Norwich   Tue 13 Feb 

Apocalypses Now? IV

Norwich   Tue 27 Feb 

Grapes Hill Community Garden AGM

Norwich    Tue 6 Mar 

Brendan Taaffe singing workshop

Norwich   Wed 14 Mar 

Emergency First Aid at Work for Therapists

Norwich   Fri 13 Apr 

Hare Moon Storytelling Camp

East Anglia   Fri 25  - Tue 29 May 

Holistic Massage - Introduction to Massage

Norwich   Sat 26  - Sun 27 May 

An Introduction to Holistic Massage

Norwich   Sat 26  - Sun 27 May 

High Sun Solstice Camp

East Anglia   Fri 22  - Wed 27 Jun 

Dance Camp East 2018

East Anglia   Sat 28 Jul  - Sun 5 Aug 

Clowning course: The Courage to Be

Ringsfield   Mon 30 Jul  - Sat 4 Aug 

MTI Professional Training in Holistic Massage Therapy

Norwich   Sat 13 Oct  - Sun 28 Jul 

Story of Stuff - Movie



"Skan" Bodywork Group
Baby Yoga and Active Baby Yoga
Bliss Yoga
Books- Secondhand
Carbon Conversations
Childrens Yoga
Grapes Hill Community Garden Group task days
Green Party Surgery
Greenpeace Active Supporters Meeting
Growing fruit, vegetables and Herbs: a practical training co
Herb Gardening Group
Herb Walks in YOUR area
Iyengar Yoga
Learn Practical Skills at our Work Days
MAD Gathering at Breathing Space
Monday Yoga with Anya
Norwich Credit Union - now open at City Hall!
Pregnancy Yoga
Tai Chi
Time To Move On
Trinity Broads Singers
Visions for Change discussion meetings
Wi-Tchi Yoga
Womens Circle - Dare to Live!