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Events, workshops, camps, retreats

Regular sessions

38 Degrees
Acupressure Massage (Seated)
Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element
Bed and Breakfast vegetarian
CoHousing Group
Colour Therapy
Community Start-Up
Counselling & Therapy
Counselling and Therapy
Creative Writing for Wellbeing
Cycle Insurance
Environmentally Friendly Printing
Ethical Breakdown Cover for Cars and Bicycles
Ethical Travel Insurance
Feeding Your Demons
Food is for people, not cars
Full Body Massage
Green Transport News
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage Therapy & Bodywork
Hypnotherapist (Advanced Clinical)
Indian Head Massage
Lazaris Material
Lift share
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Massage Holistic Therapy
Massage Therapy
Meditation Teacher - 1 on 1 sessions (Non Denominational)
NLP Life Coaching and Therapy
Norwich Credit Union
Norwich Peace Camp Forum
One World Column
permaculture design
Pilates - Individual and small group classes
RolfingĀ® Structural Integration
Rooms for Hire
Rosen Method Bodywork
SKAN Bodywork
Somatic Awareness Introductory Workshop September 3-4th 2016
Somatic Movement Workshops
Soul Retrieval
Spinal Touch Therapy
Studio Hire
Supervision for Counsellors amd Psychotherapists
Transition Norwich
Vegetable Harvest Shares
Workshop Venue
Yoga with Anya on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Sussex Street CoHousing Project

Norwich   Fri 1 Jan  - Sun 31 Dec 

Treading the Boards - PF Norfolk

Norwich   Sun 5 Jun  - Sun 4 Dec 

Saturday morning classes with Rural Day or Weekend Retreat

Yoga   Sat 25 Jun  - Sat 10 Dec 

Day retreats for Yoga Teachers, Practitioners & Sensitives

Retreat/Yoga   Sun 10 Jul  - Sun 27 Nov 

Shamanic journeying circle

Norwich   Thu 25 Aug 

Harmony Singing Workshop: African Music

Norwich   Sun 4 Sep 

Low Carbon Living Course

Norwich   Tue 6 Sep  - Tue 29 Nov 

An Afternoon of Introductory Talks on Animal Communication

Suffolk   Sat 17 Sep 

Masterclass: Effective Body Use for Massage

Garvestone   Sat 17 Sep  - Sat 8 Oct 

Sound Healing with Gongs and Singing Bowls

Norwich   Sun 18 Sep 

Creative Writing for Wellbeing

Norwich   Mon 19 Sep  - Mon 24 Oct 

3 year Shiatsu Diploma / 1 year Acupressure Course

Norwich   Sat 24 Sep 

The Lazaris Material: Transforming the Matrix of Life

Norwich   Sat 24 Sep 

Introductory Shiatsu Weekend

Norwich   Sat 24  - Sun 25 Sep 

Clinical Supervision Training

Inner Space   Sat 1 Oct  - Sun 20 Nov 

Two Day Animal Communication Workshop

Suffolk   Sat 1  - Sun 2 Oct 

MTI Professional Training in Holistic Massage Therapy

Norwich   Sat 8 Oct  - Sun 23 Jul 

Qigong: principles for personal practice - with Cindy Engel

Norwich   Sat 22 Oct 

Winter dreamtime

Norwich   Sun 6 Nov 

Good Health Day

Norwich   Sat 26 Nov 

Imagination and Creativity for Inner-guidance

Norwich   Sun 4 Dec 



"Skan" Bodywork Group
Arthouse Film Screenings
Baby Yoga and Active Baby Yoga
Bliss Yoga
Body Lab
Books- Secondhand
Carbon Conversations
Childrens Yoga
Egyptian (Belly) Dance
Grapes Hill Community Garden Group task days
Green Party Surgery
Greenpeace Active Supporters Meeting
Growing fruit, vegetables and Herbs: a practical training co
Herb Gardening Group
Herb Walks in YOUR area
Iyengar Yoga
Learn Practical Skills at our Work Days
MAD Gathering at Breathing Space
Monday Yoga with Anya
Norwich Credit Union - now open at City Hall!
Pilates Classes
Pilates classes (small group)
Pregnancy Yoga
Scaravelli Inspired Yoga
Shamanic journeying circle
Tai Chi
Thursday Yoga with Anya
Time To Move On
Trinity Broads Singers
Tuesday Yoga with Anya
Visions for Change discussion meetings
Yasodhara Yoga
Yoga as Awareness through Movement and Breath